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Luxurious hand-crafted Glycerin Soaps made with essential oils and natural ingredients like oatmeal, cornmeal, herbs, and even watermelon!

No artificial scents or coloring added.

Made in small batches to ensure quality.

All soaps are made with a glycerin base. Besides clear, the base also comes in olive oil, shea butter, goat's milk and avocado cucumber.

I then add essential oils and/or herbs. Some soaps include other ingredients like oatmeal, corn meal, coffee, or watermelon. I do not add any colorant, these natural additions provide the color of the soaps.

By using these all natural ingredients, the soaps can be used by those with sensitive skin. I have personally tested all these soap recipes and I have very sensitive skin. I have other people who also test these soap recipes for me to ensure they are safe for all skin types.

Upcoming Shows:

Enlightened Soul Expo
(formerly Intuitives Interactive Holistic & Psychic Expo)
April 28 & 29
NEW location Skyline High School in Ann Arbor


Holistic Fair at the Milford High School
May 19 10am to 4pm


***Price Increase 2017**

I started making soaps 10 years ago and have never raised the price. Meanwhile, the cost of materials has gone up. Some essential oils have even doubled in price since then.

So I have no choice but to raise the price of
my soaps $1 a bar effective Sept 2017, the prices have been updated on this site.